Saturday, September 29, 2007


I'm feeling guilty, I spent ages taking and uploading photos ready for an ebay listing to start tonight. It was for my vintage Oil Painting I'd bought a weeks ago for the sole purpose of reselling, I don't think this is a an uncommon problem, I've just read Alicia's last posting from Time Worn Style and she has a similar problem

I hung the painting above our Antique clock my Dad gave Tony and I for a wedding present, it seemed to fit in perfectly, my Dad was an avid clock collector and at one stage used to lovingly restore them, I don't even need to explain the hours he put in finding the clocks in the first place (no wonder I'm like I am). I remember lying in bed at night and listening to all his clocks chimming away, some on the hour and some on the half hour, of course because he was in the process of adjusting them they didn't all chime on the exact hour or half hour, we got used to it, but if anyone came to stay for the night it would drive them crazy.

The sad thing is a little while ago Dad was robbed, and of course most of his lovingly restored clocks were taken.

OK I've convinced myself to hang on to the painting for a bit.
Thanks for listening!

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