Monday, January 21, 2008

Didn't know which ones to choose!

Hope everyone is well and happy!

Yesterday we went to the market, to buy not to sell!
Does anyone else find it hard to choose a fresh bunch of roses, in my eyes every rose has it's own character, honestly I had less trouble picking out names for the kids than I do choosing a bunch of roses. I eventually narrowed it down to four bunches....why not, just buy the four, I can always justify the purchase by saying I need them for live subjects!

A little single pink rose I finished today, ready to be framed

Quirky little reproduction hanging watering cans I plan to paint as a series, you can see the first I've recently finished

Aren't the watering cans fantastic, they are ready to hang as you can see on the backview above, do you like my photo prop, Tony left the ladder out after cleaning the leaves from the roof, well why not?

Last but not least a cute little handpainted utensil or pencil holder.
The pencil holder and water can are available now on our website for anyone interested
click here

Thanks so much for visiting, thanks also for comments left it's always lovely hearing from you!

Thankyou Mandii from Shabby Vintage Dreams for the "You Make my Day Award" very much appreciated
I already had one....doesn't matter though does it, I can have 2 can't I???

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