Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Discoveries

I happened to discover a Crabtree Evelyn Factory outlet shop not too far away from where we live, now I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing??? I think I've mentioned before my obsession with soaps, understandably I had to stock up. The factory outlet was also selling these gorgeous Home Fragrance Sprays, the one I choose is called Spiced Ginger, even bought through the Factory outlet the spray wasn't cheap, still worth every cent as the fragrance lasts for days.... yummy

The next discovery was this vintage frame, it will definetly not be painted white as I love it as is, I had a vision, vintage deep crimsony red roses would suit the frame perfectly, here they are and I hope you think they compliment the frame.

I still need to finish my hand painted roses with a few coats of varnish, this really gives a wonderful depth to the painting.
I've had an idea to make prints from this one and offer them mounted on thin board, they could then be either framed or propped up in a dresser, displayed on plate stands, anywhere really. The postage and shipping costs would be reasonable as they are quite light, I was thinking of a series: random sizes, but in the theme of vintage roses.....do you think this would be of any interest to you?

Thanks for visiting!!

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