Friday, July 4, 2008

I'm definetly painting this!

I don't think my photos do this wonderful Wall Sconce justice
It's big, it's brassy and it's very heavy!
I want to paint it creamy white, then gently distress around the scrolls, just imagine how lovely those dear little cherubs would look....slight gold highlights around their sweet mouths...awh!
Tony seems to think leave it as is. I definetly know I need to paint it. He's taken it to his workshop at The Antique Centre, just to see if there's any interest.....I'm trusting him not to sell it quite yet, he tends to sell treasures that I'm attached too, mind you we are meant to be making a living from all of he keeps reminding me
Now below is a tatty old leather case and a pair of ballet slippers
I can't tell you how many times I've been inspired by the ballet slippers...previously for little girly pink paintings

This time I've created a vintage style painting...maybe the vintage tatty leather case inspired me

I love the end result, this one is on canvas, I have some affordable print versions on our website.

Not quite sure at the moment what to do with the original

Thanks for coming over to visit

Have a wonderful weekend

p.s. My Dad is going into hospital for an operation very soon, I know he sometimes reads my here's a message to him from us

"You'll be fine in no time Dad... running around the footy oval and playing tennis, not to mention making me lunch and cups of tea - Our thoughts are with you"


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