Friday, August 21, 2009

Assorted Shoes

Tony didn't see my vision on this latest original painting. I chose a high narrow canvas (30 x 60cm) for this one, I had planned to paint the shoes at the bottom as I did, then a shelf up the top with handbags or something...after finishing the shoes, I just loved it as is - as I said though Tony was a bit hoo hum when he saw it on my easel, but once I held it up against one of our soft coloured white walls he approved!

above - my subjects scrounged from daughter Ellie's shoe hoard
and below a zoom in of the painting


a not so good photo colour wise - but thought I'd include it for an overall idea

I'm thinking this one would be perfect for tying in the uncluttered look with the girly shabby chic or the true shabby chic lovers could add pink ribbon, bling....whatever to the mind is going overtime what about a similar seperate sized painting of pretty hand bags to go above this one....hmmm, there's a thought

What do you think?

you can click on any of the photos for details on the original painting

thanks for coming over ~ Gail ~

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