Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thank you so much for your comments on my last two posts!
Love reading them!
I've a feed thingy from my blog to my Face Book Page, so thanks also to my face book buddies for your comments
Anyway, will look forward to doing a bit of Blog Visiting after we got tomorrow's Market out of the way.
We had two Market this weekend, which surely kept us out of trouble!!
I've just finished a few new ideas I've had popping in and out of my mind (sorry the photos aren't wonderful)

Aren't we all loving the craze on Vintage Tram/Bus Route signs at the moment.

I've been waiting for my creative section in my brain to come forward with something along the same lines.......I've actually been waiting for quite sometime now!! I wanted something to tie in with my artwork.

I came up with the one above, and so as not to discriminate, I came up with a boys version you can see below.

I've framed them both in timber frames which I painted up and distressed, I'm planning on offering different colour I go again

What do you think?

Below is an example of what I had in mind to group the signs in amongst photos or other artwork

That's about me for tonight

We will be at Flemington Market tomorrow, Sunday the 16th May, with all the Prints you can see above, so if you're in the area, please do pop in and say Hi!

Thanks for coming over, have a great weekend!!

~ Gail ~

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