Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Post

Hello, Hello
and thanks for coming over.

Hope you've all survived the New Year Celebrations, it was a quiet one for us this Year, which was fine by me.  I've enjoyed the festive season, but to be  honest, I'm glad it's over.  Sort of nice to be back into my routine.

As I mentioned before Tony's moved into a Workshop/Showroom, which is wonderful for both of us, the creative juices are overflowing!
The weather is just perfect here now, no better a time to gather together some hoarded goodies and give them a bit of a revamp

Thought I'd share this one I've just finished:
I've just listed it on my website, if you're interested you can click here

It finished as above
and started out as below

Just a plain solid timber hand turned piece of timber I bought quite a few of these sometime ago, I painted the others pink, with pink roses, but thought this one would be good painted in white tones, this is the last one.

As the light was fading this afternoon, I didn't get to do such a good display...but you get the general idea.

and below is another work in progress...
since the photo, I've painted it, I'm yet to distress it, once I do I'll decide if I need to hand paint anything onto it....very confusing..
Shall post photos once it's done

Have a great week everyone

Gail ~~ xx

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