Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Mojo came back

Hello and thanks for coming over

I know I’m not alone in saying every now and again, I loose my inspiration.

I don’t know about you, but usually for me it’s often a a very basic something that will bring my inspiration running back to me

Yesterday was the day

The lovely Andrea from Pink Poodle invited me and a few other bloggers over to her beautiful home for lunch

I’m not quite sure where to start in describing Andrea’s stunning home

I thought I’d taken more photos to share with you, but I think we were  talking and laughing so much,  I slipped up on the pics


I think if you pop over to Andrea’s blog by clicking here you may get a few hints on her decorating techniques


please note: the home made delicious food,

I had 4 serves…but who’s counting?

We ran out of time to eat the cupcakes…but I did get to take one home

and thankyou Andrea it was absolutely delicious


Thank you so much Andrea,  Allison, Alicia, Tamarah and Shelly for a wonderful day and of course for helping me get my Mojo back!

Here’s the result from my returned Mojo  I finished today



Have a great week everyone




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