Sunday, August 28, 2011

Second Hand Heaven

andHello, Hello and thanks for coming over
Finally we have a Sign for our Shop, I now feel I can go full Steam ahead with the Promotional side of things
and tah dah ….Here’s the sign proudly positioned….

second hand heaven
Just a brief background on  our “Second Hand Heaven” Shop
The Shop is run by Tony (my hubby) & Ken, I get to come and go, create and paint for when need be, which means I’m able to keep working from  my little Studio at home…Perfect don’t you think? 
I think I may also be responsible for the internet promotional side of things…so next up will be a face book page….I shall keep you updated on that one.
Our Flyer best describes Second Hand Heaven
gordon street map old photo
We’ve tried to offer a “Mixed Bag” of treasures
I’ll leave you with just a few photos to give you an idea of what to expect when visiting us…

IMG_0451 IMG_0449
IMG_0458 IMG_0454
IMG_0463 IMG_0464
IMG_0455 IMG_0466
IMG_0473  IMG_0472
Thanks so much for taking the Tour!
We would Love for you to visit us in person if you get the chance
~ Gail ~

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