Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rescued Outdoor Table

 Another huge time gap between Blog Posts over here!  Never mind though

We’ve been on the look out for an Outdoor table for ages and ages.  We don’t have any cover in the spot we plan to plonk it….Open to the elements, including possums and all the other wild animals lurking around our yard at night.   I did request Bunnings vouchers for Christmas last year, thinking I’d buy something from there, but the newish tables  just didn’t seem right to us.  So what’d ya know, we came across this one….for free! Unwanted and dumped by previous owner


Love the weathered paint!  It fits in with our house to perfection!


Thinking we’ll get the odd comment which will go something like this:

“When are you going to sand the old paint off and repaint it”?  ha ha!

Now for the chairs??….I bought stackable plastic ones from a Garage Sale for $6.00 the lot, Director’s Chair Covers from the Op Shop for another couple of $’s and there we have it.   We may even find Quirkier chairs, but for now these ones are fine.  Forgot to mention earlier how I spent my Bunnings Voucher:  On a Gerni (high pressure water cleaner) which magically cleaned up the chairs and table.


Now to wait for Warm Summer Evenings to sit and enjoy!

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