Thursday, August 23, 2007

My latest Romantic Roses Painting

Measuring 83cm long this original painting was a challenge, I've just just finished it now

The frame is a very chippy old one, I found at a garage sale, gave it a repaint then rubbed it back to let all the old colours show through.

This painting is not one I would like to pack and post thanks, so no I don't think I'll list this one on our website (couldn't resist)

Photo below was my starting point this morning

That was my day, I'm wondering if I need more foliage or rosebuds in the painting? I quite like things simple and elegant, that doesn't mean everyone else does though.

I'm still feeling my way around the blogging editing etc. so sorry if some of my fonts seem a bit bold and bright, I'll get it???

Ooops the washing's been on the line for 2 days now, better go and get it off!!

and thanks for your interest

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