Friday, September 7, 2007

A Few bits and pieces I've just finished

I've just got a spare 10 minutes before I have to start all the night chores. Been working hard for our market on Sunday, we have so many markets where we live around the Mornington Peninsula area, I suppose it's cause we're in driving distance for day trips of the City, but still touristy, it's very competitive and we're forever trying to capture people's interest, my poor old brain hurts tonight from thinking, the other thing is these markets are very strict on Handmade, homegrown, etc, so no way can we just put in second hand goodies
Here's a few ideas I came up with this week


I'd already had the shadow box thingy, just had to paint and distress it, you know what that's like with all the little corners and angels, attach a print to the back which had to be resized and repainted in to suit, sealed and varnished, hangers on the back and there it is, you could actually put little salt and pepper shakers or something inside, might even just put it on our website not sure

We've found trays to be very popular, bit time consuming again with all the painting of the actual tray and attaching the print isn't easy either, anyway I do love the end result

This last idea below is one of my favourites, an instant fire place screen, or hide your junk screen, made from an old wardrobe door panel, some shapes attached for legs to make it freestanding then painted and distressed, I love it the way it is, to take it to the market I will have to hand paint on some roses so as it passes as being "home grown" will see how I go tomorrow, you may see it on the website as is.

This was it before I got to it

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