Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our House

It's always nice to see where people live
Our house has loads of history, it was one of the original old Homes in Mount Martha, called "Males Cottage", the previous owner had done lots of renovations so when we moved in we had a lovely new bathroom, laundry, loungeroom and kitchen.

Bird's eye view from our Loft bedroom looking into the lounge/dinningroom
This is the newer lounge dinning room area, you can see my decorating is completely my own style, I do love the shabby chic white/pink pretty romantic look but as always I never get to finish a certain style so end up with things around me that I like, yes that's about it!

Above Looking right up to the ceiling you can see an opening, behind the opening is our loft bedroom. It's great in someways, but can get a bit noisy if you want to go to bed early, or when the kids used to come home late, still scratching my head of an affordable way to block the opening off but still be able to open it up for light and the lovely breeze that flows through.

I'm trying to mix a little shabby with all my darker treasures.

Here's our bedroom, you can see what I mean about it being very open to the lounge/dinning room area. I also am busting to paint that blue wall white! oneday!

Still so much to do!

It's our home sweet home though and we feel happy and comfortable here

Original section of the house
Thanks for looking, Gail

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