Friday, September 21, 2007

My obsession with painting doors

I was looking back on some really old photos and found some of these cupboard doors I used to paint.

Sorry some of the photos aren't very clear, I've had to scan them as they were taken before I had my digital camera

Where did I get my energy from?, not only did I paint all the images on the doors I sometimes used to strip the whole cupboad inside and out with my sander and paint stripper, either repaint it or shellac it, some of the photos are just of the doors before I reattached them to the actual cupboards.

Some are simply painted on cupboard doors which were then hung on the wall, the one below has an actual little cup hook to hang a real vintage cup on

This one above I must have done about 8 years ago, pretty much when I very first started painting, just shows the great old pieces of furniture you could find then compared to now.

Another (above) of my very first ones, I remember when I bought the cupboard it had layers of old enamel paint, I stripped it back then painted all the blue and white china on, I think I shellaced the cupboard and sold it for about $100!

Last one above we still have in our sunroom/come my work room, I still haven't finished it properly, think it may look nice painted white instead of the varnish, whatever happens I'm not taking all the treasures hidden behind the doors out to do it.

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