Sunday, September 16, 2007

Trashy Finds

Just a very short post this time

Above are some of my Trash & Treasure and Garage Sale finds, the Ice Bucket was from my hunts yesterday, I had in mind to paint it a soft white with lots of trailing roses, really sort of over the top if you know what I mean. I'm not sure now as I quite like the contrast of shiny silver with the rusty old cart... Shabby with Chic!

The beautiful original painting above I bought from a trash and treasure market this morning, I love it! From when I very first started painting roses that's how I wanted them to turn out, vintage and romantic looking. The lady I bought it from was German and said this oil painting dated back to the 1800's, I didn't care if it dated back to last year I just loved it and the frame, all tatty and chippy yes little wear patches in the canvas too.

Think I may have to sell it at sometime but for now I'll find a special spot where I can walk past it and smile.

I've had some positive emails from people saying they enjoy reading my blog, thanks so much, really meant a lot for you to take the time and email me and of course a big thanks to people leaving comments.

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