Saturday, September 15, 2007

Just Reporting In!

Hello All
Just a quick one as we are out for our Saturday night dinner, our treat for the week!
We don't have any market for a few weekends so I decided to list a few goodies on ebay, well why not, I haven't listed anything for ages and was a bit out of touch with turbo lister, all my settings were gone, no problem I sussed out a way to get them back (eventually), bit of fun all done, wish me luck I think I may need it!
Hope everyone's not getting sick of looking at my revamps, oh well I guess the blogs like a TV or Radio station, if you don't like it don't watch or listen to it.
Anyway here was a little bit of my week
all half painted

below again
all finished, some listed on our website and some on ebay

I'm loving the deep display/shadow boxes, they are a bit of work, you know painting all the little corners, sides and backs, still I think they look so 3 dimensional and effective once finished with some real vintage china on display

I've had this rusty (only surface rust) scrolly holder for ages (see below), been looking out everywhere for a pair of jars or tins to put into each section. This morning at a garage sale I found some, I think they are perfect, new but I still thought I could transform them, couldn't wait to get home and give them a going over.

Ive ripped off the sugar and tea labels, hand painted on some roses, repainted and aged the lids and there we are, they fit perfectly! I love them
Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and for all you footy fans, hope your footy teams have done well
bye for now, Gail

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