Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where Some of it goes

I've been gathering together some photos of where our goodies end up.
This lot is to shops we supply

A beautiful tall Island display stand with turned legs, you can just see the corner of a storage bench in the foreground which was also one of Tony's creations
It's very hard trying to display some of our goodies in our outdoor market stalls, Tony does all that and I think he does a wonderful job, but you can see how magical it all looks with "walls" as backgrounds

This is a beautiful big solid chopping block of Tony's

Another sweet little bedside table with wrought iron insert

How about this one! The painting propped up against the side is one of mine, I used to do alot of original paintings on old cupboard doors.

All Tony's furniture in these photos he's made completely himself using new and reclaimed materials
Thanks for looking!

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