Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Where did the day go?

I felt like I was working really hard today but, towards the middle of the afternoon I thought to myself, what have I achieved today? felt like nothing at all, unfinished projects everywhere, do you know the feeling? Anyway taking a few photos tonight for our website and the blog I thought, it wasn't too bad a day. Here's a couple of projects I was ready to throw away at one stage today, glad I didn't cause I quite like how they turned out

I bought this sweet cherub planter from the Op Shop, as I painted away at my other projects today I added a coat to the planter, sounds a bit too simple as I did use lots of other tricks on it too, you can see the end result above, it looks really quite aged I hope, that was my aim anyway, I still need to seal it and finish it off with a good old polish with fine wire wool.

My cup cake cut outs
They are quirky I thought, this was another print from one of my original paintings, once again I ordered to have it printed in the wrong size, I hate to waste the prints, I'd bought a jigsaw (you know electric tool) at some stage so thought well why not have a try at this little project, once the ribbon was attached I thought, yes I do like you
I've put one on our website it's not really a project I'd like to do everyday but it was a bit of a change today

This morning I also managed to visit a few shops we supply, I noticed the trend for these glass dome covers on top of anything and everything, I love the look, I'd been working away at painting this epns pedestal server, it still needs a bit of highlighting once it's completely dry but you can get the idea of what I mean by the glass dome

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