Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Chic New Home for our Gold Fish

I saw this idea in one of our local boutique glass shops, they had used one of their hand blown glass bowls as the feature fish tank, I thought it would be great to hunt up an affordable glass bowl myself.

The appeal of this Chic Fish Tank Bowl is you display the fish bowl at below waist level so you are actually looking down into the bowl, unlike a fish tank you look into

The other lovely aspect is the electric pump pushing bubbles into the glass bowl, I don't know about you, I find the sound of any gentle water movement very peaceful and relaxing

I've used a glass punch bowl I found at the op shop I paid $5.00 for it, I've propped it on my mirrored table

I've added some lovely sparkly stones I bought at one of the cheapo shops for $2.00

I already had the little electric bubble pump and clear plastic hose, I think you can buy them for under $10.00.

The Gold Fish I bought for $2.00 a pair, the poor little things were being sold off as rejects

So all up I completed my lovely Chic Fish Tank home for under $20.00

It was really difficult taking clear photos of all the sparkly glass and the mirrored table top didn't help matters.

Hope you all get the general idea and if anyone come us with another version I would love to see it.

Only thing is we have a little pussy who is very enquisitive so I will have to put a glass top on our new fish home


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