Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Products!

Hello all, hope everyone is well and happy!
This has been my week so far:
The first lot of photos are of a very very long painting on a salvaged panel Tony created from I think a door, it's lovely red pine or cedar on the sides and the original paint is all layered and chippy, this is the second panel I've painted from the sections he bought home for me to use. The first one went to a very good home and enjoyed itself there so much it wanted another to keep it company as a door header, I'm hoping to show some photos very soon of these panels in their new surroundings!

The panel was very hard to photograph as it is so long

My other exciting news was receiving these wonderful Art Magnets created from my original paintings

I have the whole range of these art magnets on my fridge, everytime I walk past I smile, they are so quirky, just love them.
I'm about to start a cup cake range....yes yum!

I'm slowly packaging them to sell at our markets and on our website
click here for the range available now

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