Friday, October 12, 2007

Finished Painting & Question on Glass

I've just finished an original painting, I haven't been painting many larger sized originals lately so I found this one a pleasure to work on

I've kept the blue and white china pitcher simply using a very soft blue to create the pattern

The painting still needs to have some final coats of varnish and properly framed, I've just propped it in for the photo.
I find taking photos of paintings can give you a good indication of what else needs to be worked on in the painting

Although I haven't copied any pattern in particular for my pattern on the pitcher in my painting, I still love to have some of my favourite blue and white china pieces nearby for incentive. I'm going to have to stop collecting these glass domes, they're taking over the house, but I do love them!

I'm wondering if anybody has any clues on glass
I'm OK researching china as you seem to have a starting point with markings on the bottom, glass is a different story. I have a basic knowledge of the hand blown carnival glass etc.

I bought these two from the op shop last week thinking they were just cheapo ones, when I got them home, the light caught the glass, the colours are just beautiful sort of like the colours in a rainbow or bubble

I'm really not fussed if they are worth anything or not as I just like them, but was just curious if anybody had any ideas.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for visiting!....Gail

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