Sunday, November 25, 2007

A few pieces I'd love to take home with me

I love this lady's writting desk I bought today
It came as is, a perfect creamy white colour, only thing is the handles need changing, just imagine how gorgeous sparkly glass knobs would look. Originally a dressing table, funnily enough when the seller was helping me out to my car with it I came across the matching upholstered stool, the matching chandelier light fitting went with the deal, bit hard to see in the background.

To resist temptation I took them directly up to Tony, for those who aren't fimilar Tony creates his furniture and works on our prints from a section in a very large Antique Centre, we also have all our goodies for sale there, unless of course we're away doing a market, you can find all our details by visiting our website or click here to be taken straight to them

Thought I best get some recent photos of a few pieces of Tony's furniture while I was there

A large majority of his original creations are sold to shops we supply, the BIG display unit above has been sold to a shop in Gardenvale. Another piece I would have loved to take home

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