Monday, December 10, 2007

Affordable Christmas Centre Pieces and Gifts

This is a great affordable decorating and gift idea. I've made my potted creations from vintage chipped china cups and a vintage shallow tureen.

So so easy, all you need is some blocks of florist's foam, artificial foliage or flowers and a bag of moss, you can buy the moss from your Nursery or even the Supermarket

My chippy teacups look sweet with pansies in each one, I think they would make a nice little gift

Once planted in amongst the moss the artificial plants are hard to tell apart from real ones

I've added a sweet little bird to my artificial ivy and holy above and some glittery Christmas ones below

It's a good idea to give the moss a bit of a spray with water every now and again, apart from that it's all maintenance free!
The versions of this idea are endless, I've just used bits and pieces I found around the house.
I would love to see anyone else's creations
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