Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Frames and Handmade Roses

I don't have any trouble at the moment finding beautiful fresh roses, a very different story over the winter months, I can't seem to paint unless I have some form of rose in front of me. This is where my coffee filter roses come in handy, yes I made them from coffee filters and tried to shape them into lovely plump garden roses we all love, I've also painted them myself. Now the little trick I find with any artifical flowers is to put some live foliage in amongst them.
Where can you find out how to make these? Where I did in the first place, from Cindy of My Romantic Homes, she has the most inspiring blog spot, she has a link to the "how to make these roses"....simply click here

I've been finding a few interesting frames over the past few weeks, today I finally put them together. Not only do I love the blogs because of the wonderful people I've met, I love them for reminding me not everything has to be white and pink. I've been experimenting with some golds and rusty scrolly frames too, I grouped them together and loved the contrast.
I hope to have some available on our website very soon.
Do you think they are OK or should I stick to creamy white frames?

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