Thursday, January 24, 2008

A new addition

I've been feeling a bit sad lately, looking at all the wonderfully decorated homes, although our home has loads of potential it is in need of a bit of tender loving care, I think Tony may have finally taken my hints as he bought this wrought iron (reproduction) setting home and asked me if I wanted it. I love it, only thing is I don't know where to put it, I'll pretend I have a plan for it as if I say I don't he'll take it back and sell it, he tends to sell anything, I pretty much have to check his pockets when he walks out the door in the morning.

I had this post loaded ready last night, I didn't quite finish it so put it into draft, in between times the shutters above did sell from our website, I hope to have more soon.

This is a little section taken from a painting I've been working on today....I'm not sure one little bit about it??? Hopefully it will come together tomorrow and I can show you something I feel a bit happier about.

Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend, we have a long weekend here in Victoria....Australia Day!
Happy Australia Day to everyone!!

Thought it might be fun to show you the photo of Ellie (daughter)
she went to the Australian Open on Sunday, she absolutely loved it!!
Apart from the main attraction of watching the Tennis, there were lots of activities and giveaways.
Below is a photo she had taken....What a Star!! Isn't it clever a photo of your head is taken then cut and pasted onto the Tennis stars body and winning trophy, I should say it's the closest most of us will come to winning one of those big ones!

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