Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sand Sculpting

This post has absolutely nothing to do with our markets my paintings or Tony's creations, no family shots either.

It's about Sand Sculpting. When I was growing up one of my favourite pass times was to play in the sand, beach sand, backyard sandpit, or just a dusty pile at the side of the road, how simple and carefree it was to build those Fairytale Castles and imaginary houses you would one day live in, with your Prince Charming.

You may have heard of these Professional Sand Sculptors, they travel the world working their magic.

I'd planned my visit today to the Sculpture display on the waterfront in Frankston, not far from us, when I arrived I was so disappointed to discover the "Fairy tales & Fables" exhibition doesn't open till the weekend. Never mind I took my camera and sneaked around the protective barrier taking photos through some of the little holes other sticky beaks like me had made

Heavy Earth Machinery is used to position the sand ready for the arrival of the Artists

The detail is amazing

Apparently, anything from trowels to little kitchen utensils are used by the artists to create these sculptures, they can measure up to 18 foot high. You can see little pieces of wire poking through the tops of many of the sculptures, this is to deter the birds!
The idea of the exhibition is to watch and follow the progress of the Sand Sculptors.

Here's a few finished examples I've downloaded from the Sand Sculpting website, just click to visit more amazing sculptures

My very favourite above is the Fairytale Castle I will one day live in and of course furnish with all my dream pieces, lovely vintage rose paintings hanging on the walls, a housekeeper who waits on us hand and foot, ...yes yes in my dreams!

Hope you enjoyed the little tour, I'm hoping to get back to take more photos once the exhibition is open and the masters have progressed a little further on their creations
Last but certainly not least

A BIG thanks TO Alison Gibbs for the "You Make My Day" award.

p.s. I met Alison in person at our local supermarket car park the other day (what a small world) she is just as encouraging and lovely in person.

I would love to pass the award on to all the wonderful bloggers out there, who do make my day!

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