Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mornington Racecourse Market

Hi all and hope you've had an enjoyable weekend

We sold at Mornington Racecourse Market today
here's a few photos

In the photo above is one of Tony's latest creations, he's used sheets of pressed metail ceiling tin in the side of his diplay unit.

A bit of blue for a change

I can never resist fresh flowers, these are Snow Berries, apparantely once picked they'll last up until 3 weeks, I don't think my photo does them justice, they really are lovely in real life, they bring back memories of old fashioned Cottage Gardens we visited when I was growing up.

Of course my Roses which will be delightful once out, I chose an assorted bunch, gives me more choices to use when I'm painting, more choices or more confusion, not sure which!
We had a great day....although Tony had forgotten how he packed the van, he seemed to have loads of furniture today, it came time to pack up, which we did, only trouble was we had one piece of furniture left which wouldn't fit in the van...oh dear, after lots of shoving and rearranging we managed to get it in, needless to say we are quite exhausted now, an early night for us!

I'd already finished and sold this little pair of hand painted tin pails during the week, just thought I'd slip the photo in as they are very sweet
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