Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Finished and Framed

I'm a very happy person today as I've finished some ongoing projects, I suppose I finished this painting below a week or so ago, I was working on it for Siobhan, she already had the beautiful vintage frame, it was up to me to create something to put inside this wonderful frame...big responsibility!

It wasn't till last night I saw the finished painting all framed and proudly hanging on Siobhan's wall, you can click here and have a look at the photos she has on her blog, I think it looks stunning!!

My second project

I've had a really over the top reproduction frame I've been wanting to do something with...

I had the feeling to add some lilacs to my tea pot of pink roses

in the photo below (my little painting corner) are my inspirational pieces, freshly picked roses, china teapot and some of my Great Aunt's hand painted bone china tea cups, don't worry I put them safely back in our Crystal Cabinet. I find if I surround myself with a theme it really helps give me inspiration when I'm painting.

I'm just about to list this one on our website click here for details

Thanks for visiting

until next time bye bye

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