Sunday, February 17, 2008

What to do with my Sunday Finds

Hi all and thanks for visiting
Have you all had an enjoyable weekend?
We didn't have to sell at a Sunday Market today, on my free Sundays I love to dawdle around to a local trash and treasure market, sort of incorporating buying fresh vegies, the Sunday paper and a bit of a hunt around for some treasures.
This morning I found a lovely Bavarian creamer set, the little sugar bowl has a tiny chip and the lid is a bit wobbly apart from that the other two pieces are perfect, to justify buying it I told myself I'd love to use it as a feature in a painting
The sweetest little hand painted Cup and Saucer

I was drawn to these rusty old clocks, I forgot to take a photo of the back, all the workings are attached.
I had no idea what purpose I wanted them for, as a start I've just designed a new header for our blog incoporating one of the clock faces with a few of my postcards, apart from that I'm still thinking.
Any ideas would be very welcome!

During the week I bought a new rose bush, called "Children's Rose" the scent and the colour is absolutely wonderful, I think I may have overdone promoting this beautiful rose, I've somehow managed to get it in every photo.

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