Friday, February 22, 2008

Thankyous & a new painting

Hello and thanks for visiting us
On this post I'd like to thank some lovely caring people for their genourisity and thoughtfulness.

My first huge thankyou is to Adla from Vintage Delights, I was lucky enough to win her giveaway, you can see the beautiful notepad that was my prize in the photo above, it is lovingly and professionally handmade, to be quite honest I'm reluctant to use it as a note pad, I love it intact. It came in a pretty pink envelope and smelt delicious, Ellie and I were trying to work out the scent, Adla is it a "Mor" fragrance, Ellie thought it may be and let me tell you she is a fragrance expert


Thank you Alison Gibbs for passing this award on to me
She says to pass this award on to people that have sparkled your we all know...playing with glitter is contagious...just touch it to your day and it adds glints of light to every facet of your life and spreads throughout your being! No outfit is complete until you add the glitter!

I think most of you bloggers out there Sparkle My please considered yourselves awarded!

Thanks also to Alison Gibbs for a very enjoyable cup of coffee last Friday...several really!

We had a great old chat about the antics of our kids, it turned out Alison's youngest son Michael and my son Todd, both now 25 years old, were both in the same class in prep grade, even funnier I found the old school photo and they were standing next to each other in the photo, keep in mind Alison and I had never meet before so how funny is that.

Thankyou to the great comments left on my latest post for ideas on these old clocks, they have no casement and are so rusty and old. I also love the idea of hanging them on rusty chains and incorporating them into one of my rose paintings as a big contrast.....I've taken photos of the quick and easy ideas.

This is part of my collection of vintage discoloured china jugs.

My last thankyou is to my friends sending me emails and photo's attached, of their beautiful homes and gardens, some were to show me where they've hung their latest artwork purchases and some have even included their pets (yes they know I'm a pet lover)

I'll be starting some sort of feature on a fortnightly bases of these photos....stay tunned

Not really my last


My last thankyou is to all of you who take the time to visit and leave feedback on our blog


Back to the artwork side of things
We've had loads of requests for a painting or print suitable to be hung in the Laundry.
Above is the start of my Laundry theme idea,
below is my little prop

I do find when I'm painting I need some sort of idea in front of me, whether it be a photo or magazine page, live roses or props as below, my real washing basket is lovely, it would have made a wonderful prop, unfortunately it's so overflowing with ironing I couldn't lift it into my little painting corner, I've just used a little bread basket as inspiration for this one, just goes to show you can adapt all sorts of things

I'd planned this painting thinking it would turn out very rosy and pink

After painting in the faded old basket I decided a more French Country look would be good

I then decided no roses lavender sprigs only.

The frame I'd had ready is very plain, I've painted it a soft creamy white and distressed it, I think it suits the painting perfectly

I'm still not 100% sure if I need to add a little something to this painting. I had initially planned a packet of laundry powder or something

I don't think so now, I'm thinking it's more a simple French Country theme

........Opinions would be grately appreciated...............

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