Friday, March 28, 2008

Meet my little sister ~ Cass

I posted a little while ago asking advise on what to add to a painting I'd just completed, it was of a vintage laundry basket with lavender, one particular comment left was from my darling little sister Cass, yes there she is above with her partner in crime Paul, one thing led to another and it soon became known she is an extremely talanted artist and is currently working very hard for her up and coming art exhibition.

I had loads of people asking me if they could see her work...

Before we go any further I'd like to show you the photo above

Taken from our holiday together last year in Northern New South Wales.
The Stig and Guss on the beach at Scotts Head (that's a story in itself!) The Stig is a Whippet and Guss an Aussie Bulldog you can well imagine the contrast, talk about

"Fat and Skinny had a Race"

Anyway back to our Cass

I love the way she takes an everyday subject and turns it into a work of art


is just one of her completed paintings in a series featuring

"Journey of a Whippet"

It's quite a large stretched canvas (or I think linen) absolutely stunning!

"Journey of a Whippet"
"Running with the pack"


Cass has based her paintings below on the Fisherman's Piers not far from where she and Paul live

Once again these are painted on larger sized canvas panels

The series below featuring earlier work by Cass

you can click to enlarge the photos


"Banksia Fire"

Hope you enjoyed meeting Cass

thank you C. Samms for sharing your artwork with us

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