Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What have I been up too?

Thanks for visiting
I think I'm confusing myself with all these new projects I have going on....my mind is whirling, why I can't be patient and work on them one at a time, I dont know

I have loads of gorgeous linen, this is an idea I've come up with to turn each piece into something special. My first attempt you can see above, only trouble is I now realise I've put my roses on the wrong side of the runner....woops, please slow down Gail!!

More sweet little charm variations
some quirky little keyrings for our markets, I've put vintage music sheets on the back

Somehow in between I've managed to start an original painting, many more hours to put in yet.
It'll be framed in the vintage ornate frame below

I'll leave you with some photos of the "Guss"
now whose blog was it I visited not so long ago and they said
"A blog wouldn't be a blog without the dog"
please let me know if you're reading this post...

Tony usually plays with Bella the cat, after dinner, Guss felt a bit left out so snatched Bella's toy from her and started juggling it.....Mr. Attention Seeker!

Awhhhh.......I suppose I better get up after my afternoon nap

Nearly there....!!
Thanks again for visiting
bye for now

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