Monday, March 10, 2008

Too Hot to Work Today!

The hot weather has returned to us here in Melbourne.
I started the day off with a very positive "Yes" I'm going to get all my packing and gift card orders ready for shipping and posting, with that achieved I've realised today here in Melbourne, is a public holiday, no Post Offices open, never mind everything is ready and waiting in my little painting corner, to be posted tomorrow.

Although I love the wonderful light of my little work section, it can be very ~~warm~~ on a hot day, being a Public Holiday today, Ellie (daughter) was home, she talked me into a little visit to the beach......

You can click on the photos to enlarge them...apart from Ellie

I have no idea who the other people in my beach photos are

Yes my beach chair awaits, as does a chilled bottle of water, hat, sunscreen and a good book .....I'm taking the photo while cooling myself in the water

I love the beach huts

I know I've posted about them previously
No you can't live in them, you're not even meant to sleep in them overnight, although people do, there's no electricity or running water, they're used for storage and the enjoyment of decorating them and of course for shade and convenience....I wouldn't say no to owning one!

Thanks for visiting
and I hope you enjoyed our little time visit to the beach

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