Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mornington March Market Photos

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We have a long weekend here in Melbourne, the weather was perfect for our market today and is promising to be the same tomorrow.

One of our most sort after items to buy today at the market was this vintage chair Tony bought along to use as a display for our "hand made for sale" goodies. This particular market is 100% handmade, hand grown items only!

No of course we weren't allowed to sell the chair

I love the fancy wrought iron corners Tony's used to jazz up this cabinet he made.

The 3 shelved bench below looks a little plain in my photo, yet in the right setting it is transformed. I'm still planning to get some photos together of where our goodies go!

I always come home with lots of fresh fruit and vegies and of course a bunch of roses!

I only have a few posts to go till my 100th, in the right hand bottom corner of this photo is a little peek of my 100th post giveaway

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