Saturday, March 22, 2008

Vintage Tray

Thanks for dropping over to visit us
Hope you're all having an enjoyable Easter break.
I've been eating sensibly for the last little while, I must say this time of the year is a bit of a challenge.....on the false pretence of not actualy planning to eat chocolate, I visited quite a few different shopping centres this morning, well what do you know there were little samples of chocolate hot cross buns and of course the easter bunny hopping around giving away little chocolate way of thinking was if it's just a little promotional giveaway that's OK, there'll be no calories involved but if I actually bought the chocolate that would be a definite sin with loads of calouries involved....sounds good to me!
How's your chocolate indulgences coming along??
I visited my Dad during the week and picked the last of his roses for the season, I think they maybe Blue Moon's?? I managed to find a vintage basket sided tray ..... perfect for me to use the roses to paint on the tray

We have the tray currently listed on our website, you can click here for details


Isn't it funny how things come about?

We're having a bit of a change around in our house, I had a stack of mirrors lying around, instead of risking them been broken I hung them up in our little hall way, which is the original old part of our house, the picture hooks were already there, I quite liked this 2 minute mirror collage, really seems to brighten the hallway up!

Take care everyone

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