Friday, April 25, 2008

Nearly ready

No more excuses for me, I just had to get out and do a bit of gardening today. One of my rose bushes desperately needed pruning, I've got a feeling I forgot to do it last year. I quite liked the offcuts, I've put them in an enamel container in the kitchen. Probably more to remind me I actually got out and did something in the garden!

Apparantely we have bad weather headed our way.

I made the most of our dry warm day and painted up some tatty old frames

I was tempted to leave the one below gold, but no, it was the wrong gold, you know that sort of tacky gold paint.

I ended up painting them both, I haven't distressed them yet.

I managed to start a painting for the oval frame, something about the vintage oval frames I love!, I wish I could find more.

I'm hoping when you come back to visit this one will be all done.

Nearly forgot, here's a sweet little newly completed scrolly framed original

click on the photo for details

Have a lovely weekend or nearly weekend for our overseas friends

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