Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rooster & Saturday Morning Garage Sale Finds

Thanks for coming over to visit

My minds been spinning around the last few days with new idea
here's one I finally finished painting today

I've painted it on a French style paper sheet

Tony came home and said "I like the chicken painting"'s meant to be a Rooster Tony!

Either way I hope you like my Farmyard Bird
I felt it might be at home either in a Rustic shelf, or just as nice with white tones

My "Rooster" (not chicken) will be ready for sale on our website in the next few days

Just a few finds today at Saturday morning Garage Sales

I've been looking for a scrolly planter for my Magnolia ...$2.00, I might repaint it soft white

The original painting above is on the frame!!

hmmmm...???....Not sure what to do with this one, it is timber....Ideas please...?????

I asked Tony what should I do with her and he said "Nothing, she looks harmless (armless)" ha ha!

Have a wonderful weekend

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