Thursday, April 3, 2008


Thankyou all for Ellie's Birthday wishes!!!

She pretended to be cross at me for doing a Happy Birthday post but I knew she was tickled pink!

We had a terrible stormy day in Melbourne yesterday, we all felt a bit frazzled, yet ended up having a lovely family birthday dinner.

Sorry another Guss story coming up here:

In the photo above you can see Guss has his eye on Bella (Ellie's little cat)

she's snuggled up in his bed

hmmmm......what to do???

He really wants to get her out of his bed.....just doesn't quite know how to go about it....

Just when I thought the beautiful home grown garden roses where finished here in Melbourne, Ellie was given a bunch for her can well imagine I sort of adopted them, they are beautiful.
Here's a sweet little original I've just finished, it's in a dainty vintage frame which I think makes it very special

That's about my news for now

thanks for visiting

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