Saturday, April 5, 2008

Red Hill Market

Red Hill is named Red Hill for a very good reason, the soil is red and the hill... rain is very often attracted to this particular hill. Yes it did rain here today and I don't think it rained in many other places nearby. This market doesn't run over the winter months for this reason. Apart from the down pour it was a great market.
Here's a few photos

I loved these two new benches Tony had made during the week, the one above sold very quickly, I love the way he's cut shapes into the side and front rails, the handle is a vintage one, goodness knows where he finds all these treasures!

Very cute the way he's cut around the cake print

A little attraction for the kids....mind you not just for the kids! He's a very clever koala to be able to play the drums as well as he did

Just in case you wanted to see proof, I've taken a photo of the Red Hill mud, yes silly me I shouldn't wear sandles to this market, particulary at this time of the year!

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