Thursday, May 1, 2008

Not as easy as they look!

I love the beautiful glass encased pendants I'm recently seeing up for sale on websites, craft markets and retails outlets. I've had a few goes of taking images from my original paintings and creating a piece of jewellery....hmmm wasn't really happy with the results so thought I'd try making the glass encased ones, I have wanted to try these for ages but thought they would be too tricky to make.....well YES they are!!!, all I can say is, "To anyone out there making these, a huge congratulations for your skills and patience".

I did have another motive for starting this project, while racking my brain on how to go about soldering and leadlighting basics, I realised Ellie (daughter) had done a term at school on basic leadlighting (you can see her finished projects above) we decided it would be a good project to work on together, bit of extra money for her to earn for her coming trip to Bali and something different for Tony and I on our website and markets.

I was OK with cutting the glass, I'm used to resizing images....oh here we go this is going to be a breeze....NOT NOT NOT ~ after soldering the pliers to the charm, burning my fingers as I forgot everything was hot, holding the soldering iron like a pencil and really burning my finger, having loads of's a few we've finished.

They probably look rougher in the photos than they really are, as I had my camera set to macro

The one below is still work in progress

I really need to get back to some painting, so we're going to put this little project in a box for now, otherwise we'll keep fiddling, the box will come out again when Ellie has some more time of work....

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week

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