Friday, July 11, 2008

Enjoyable few days

Thanks for coming over to visit

We've had visitors of our own at home!

My adorable nieces Clara and Jacquie accompanied by their Mum and Dad, Michael (my brother) and Fiona,

All the way down from Northern NSW they've come to visit us and play with their beloved mate Guss

I can honestly say the whole time they stayed with us they weren't for a minute bored, they had no inclination to watch TV...why...well of course Guss was there to play with, BONUS he didn't need batteries, how wonderful to watch little ones entertain themselves and make up games to play for hours

Not quite sure what the game was about on the stairs...doesn't matter all three where happy!
Miss Clara

Miss Jacqui
WHEW ... hard work and time for a snack I think

Sadly....Time to say Goodbye

The photo below is off Guss after the departure....I think he will be in the same position for quite sometime!!!We all had a great time catching up
* * * * *

Back to work for me now, we have a market tomorrow at Mornington you can click here for details

I've just finished a few new bits and pieces to list on our website

They should be up and ready to buy very soon.
Have a great weekend whatever you maybe doing
still chilly down here in Mornington

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