Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tony's suprise for me

Thanks for coming over to visit. I've been a bit out of touch with blogging, not quite sure why, well of course the obvious, no time etc., but what's new! I think I may be feeling a bit stale after winter or is it because I've been blogging for over a year and have already shown you my house, garden, pets and family and I feel showing every little bit of artwork I create maybe getting a little mundane?

Is anyone else out there who's been blogging for awhile feeling like me, please let me know what you think - maybe it's just me.

I will now do a little post on our family night
Todd our oldest is no longer living at home, he and Mel come for dinner every few weeks, it's always great to see them, I tell Guss all day Todd is coming and he gets so excited. Ellie our daughter is planning to go bush for a few days and wants to take her pink motor bike, as she knew Todd was coming she thought she'd bring the bike out for a bit of a trial run, no she couldn't start it, it's kick starting the old fashioned way, she was done in trying

Todd turned up and she asked him to have a go

No, still no go! Hmmmm .....??? I wonder if it needs some petrol?
YAY!! WHAT DO YOU KNOW she starts!! Guss was of course beside himself, chasing the bike around the backyard.
Next episode
Tony came home and said he had a special suprise for me.....gee.....perfume, roses?? Guss was at the gate waiting in anticipation
Bella on the roof not missing a trick
What could it be I wonder???

A NEW CLOTHES LINE just for me!!!

Can you see my old clothes line in the background, after years of kids swinging on it, it finally collapsed, I had it tied up with all sorts of different wires and string, I tell you it was an art in itself

As I type this post Tony is out in the backyard putting the last mix of concrete to secure my new Clothes Line in to the ground (it's not really new I'm not wanting to know how or where he got it)

Well there's a bit of our real life happenings down here in Mount Martha, maybe a bit boring but it's our life at the moment.

My paintings are also a major part of our life at the moment so I thought I'd show you my latest.

I hope you're all having a wonderful week and have a fabulous weekend

see you next time and thanks for visiting


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