Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Dad's Home Visit

Thanks for your input on my last post
I hope I wasn't sounding too dramatic on my blogging feelings - it was great to hear from you, I'm obviously not the only one feeling as I do....OK I'll keep blogging away here then and please I want you too also!

We've had an exciting week family wise
My brother and his family came down to visit from Northern NSW
As a few of you know our Dad has been in hospital, then into rehab centres etc. since, I think about mid July.
We bought him home on Monday, just for an afternoon home visit, but it was wonderful. I think very soon he will be able to come home for good and not just for a visit, sounds funny doesn't it, a visit to your own home.

I know lots of you have been asking after him, here's some photos of him so you can put a face to the name, I think he looks pretty good for 81 years old?

There's my brother Michael sitting in the background, this is our family home we all grew up in!
The Grandchildren
My Ellie at the back
then comes my neices Clara and Jacqui

Now for a bit of a look at my other part of the week

Here's a frame I bought at a market - yes pretty tatty - this I think is what you call CHIPPY!

I had to give it quite a few coats of paint

Then hmmmm??? what to paint to suit???

I came up with these pink roses in a basket...

Help though!!

Is the frame to ornate for the style of the painting?, mind you the frame is very very very chippy, little bits chipped off everywhere

Maybe I should save the frame for a more formal painting

I'd love to know what you think

Thanks for visiting


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