Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wonderful Gallery

Thanks for coming over to visit, hope you haven't given up on me

There are so many interesting things I want to share with you, yet I don't seem to get the time to show and tell everything at the moment, well here goes just a few for now.

Dad is still needing hospital care after his operation, my younger sister Cass and her partner Paul came down last week from Northern New South Wales to stay for a few weeks.

When Cass is down she is a very good partner to go Gallery visiting with

Isn't it funny how you have something fabulous right under your nose and don't even bother to see it until you have a visitor to prompt you

This was the case with the McClelland Gallery (click for details) not far from us, here are a few photos I took from the outside of this wonderful Gallery

A delightful place to visit, you can wander around the property and look at all the fantastic scupltures.

We had lunch in the Gallery Restuarant
and then...... Awh my goodness


This Exhibition is beyond anything I have ever seen before

I honestly was speachless, overwhelmed, I just can't described the impact of his creations

"His hyer-real sculptures of humans, both clothed and unclothed replicate in micro detail every aspeact of the body - pores, veins, hairs blemishes, wrinkles"

His sculptures are never life size - as in the the two old gossipy women aboth are smaller than life

The "Wild Man" above is larger than life
Just imagine how I felt with those eyes looking at me......

Every single inch is so so detailed, look at the wrinkles and dirt under The Wild Man's toe nails. If you ever get the chance to see any of Ron Mueck's work, please please do, it is exhibited all over the world.

There was a dvd playing on how he creates these beauties, I would be here forever describing the process, all I can say is WOW!!
Here's a link to just a few more of his scupltures.

* * *
Here's what I've been up to over the last little while

I did manage to quickly paint my potrait of Guss, this is a scan from my original, the original looks slightly softer

Above another from my new series - you can click on the painting for details

I haven't managed to get a giveaway ready for my 1st birthday post....will do soon

We have a Market tomorrow at Red Hill - Please let the weather be kind to us!

We had our special Guest show at Loch last weekend and it absolutely poured with rain

Thanks again for visiting and hope you all have a wonderful weekend

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