Friday, November 28, 2008

Not much to report

I can truly say this year has flown more than any year I can remember, maybe it's because I'm getting older, or because we had lots of things happening over the last twelve months, I'm not sure, I've given up panicking about the actual Christmas Day and am going to try and relax and enjoy the Day off with our family, I've not planned any sort of set Christmas Lunch, I'll probably do that a few days before, remembering we live in Melbourne where the weather is likely to do anything from being stinking hot to freezing cold.

Of course like many out there, we're crazily busy at the moment. Here are a few bits we've finished

This dear little scrolly chair Tony came across, he's attached a print on the seat taken from one of my original paintings - I love it!

My cupboard doors, they are both sold, just thought I'd show you anyway.

Below is my very last cupboard door I have, I'm in the process of painting something on it, not sure what that something will be??? I'll show you when I've finished....stay tuned

UPDATE to this post - here's my very last cupboard door painting, click on the photo for details
Thanks for coming over to visit and a Happy Thanks Giving to our overseas friends!

~Gail ~

p.s. I'm still apologising for not being a good blog visitor!

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