Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday the 15th November

Thanks for coming over to visit!
Today we sold at a local Community Market, it's held at the Boneo Primary School which is surrounded by beautiful farmland and market gardens, lots of locals visit to buy fresh vegies, plants etc. It was a perfect day weather wise
Note the sign up "No Dogs" Guss was left sulking at home

Here's our little section of Christmas goodies we had up for sale.

I thought this triple shelved auto tray Tony accumulated was very eye catching, we're not meant to sell any goods that are second hand, all handmade and home grown only, this one was bought for displaying only!... Of course everyone wanted to buy it, always the way isn't it.

Tony has some fantastic new furniture pieces, to say some of them are large and heavy is an understatement. A little while ago I decided my upper arm muscles were getting a know sort of what I'd call "Bingo Arms", I've been doing arm excercises every morning to try and tone them up, after loading this lot back into our van I decided that would replace the arm excercise for the day!

Love the new benches Tony has made, I think the one above he may add a bottom shelf too

You'll have to use your imagination with the one above - looks a bit lost in the photo, but it is fantastic, I'd claim it anytime
I didn't come home from the market empty handed, the eggs above I bought are classed as rejects - why?? because they are so big you can't shut the egg carton - double yokers some of them are too. My lovely little locally grown roses you can see behind the eggs

Look at the pair of beauties I bought at a garage sale on the way dream come true these ones are!

Hope you're all having or about to have an enjoyable weekend.
bye for now

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