Thursday, November 6, 2008

Christmas Happenings

Goodness how did Christmas creep up on us so quickly?

I suddenly realised our monthly markets need to be NOW stocked with Christmas goodies, the next one being this very Sunday!

I got to work and painted an original painting which I've called "Christmas Expectations" the original measures 8 x 10" (20 x 25cm) wouldn't you think this would be a quickish one to paint, but no it took me ages to complete, I must say I enjoyed every minute of working on it. You can see it all finished on my easel above.

I loved the way the prints looked all finished and framed, I'm hoping they will go well at our market on Sunday, Ellie (daughter) has changed jobs and has had a quiet week in between, she's been my little Chistmas helper this week as you can see below, it was lovely to have her working with me on these Christmas projects, the tags she's created for our market are just gorgeous!!

There's Ellie in the photo below glittering away!

Now I thought to myself ..... better look in the linen cupboard for some sort of Christmas prop to use in my photos, I found these lovely Vintage Place Mats / Napkins? I do remember a few years ago I was going to toss them out, awh but thank goodness I didn't, I think I may have quite a few of them stashed away, they are lovely

You can click here to visit our special Celebration Christmas section on our website

I've even designed some sweet gift cards each individually glittered by Ellie and me!

Thankyou so much for coming over to visit


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