Monday, December 8, 2008

Not long to go!

We had a wonderful market on Saturday, I only had time to take a few photos, it was so crowded I probably couldn't have taken more photos if I'd had time, I've never seen so many people!

Here's our little beachy section
I do love Tony's display shelf above, we've sold quite a few versions of these to Shops as Display Units

Guess what we have another Big Market this Sunday at Mornington Racecourse
Let's hope the weather is kind to us!...let's also hope I get myself moving and produce some more goodies!

Isn't it hard to find affordable, interesting Christmas prezzies?
I found some scrolly wire hangers last week while having a clean up, goodness knows where I got them from, I've attached them to the top of some thinner 3mm (1/8") board and mounted a few of my favourite prints to the board. I loved making these, I'm planning on more versions soon. They are quite light which means I can keep the dreaded postage costs down.

I've also handpainted on a pair of cupcakes to this Chef's Apron (below), while looking for a something to take photos of the apron on, I found this manequin I'd forgotten about, not all that vintage but I love her all the same

Ellie our Christmas Co-Ordinator has decided on a colour scheme for Christmas '08

My photos aren't the best, Santa is bringing me a new Camera!!

We have a real live Christmas tree, nothing else will be excepted by the Christmas Co-Ordinator
I love the smell of real trees, we have a Loft bedroom, on a warm day or night the beautiful pine scent drifts upstairs to us, just lovely.
Now there's a funny little story, at the front of our house we have a row of Cyprus trees, I came home to find a man with his saw cutting one of our branches down to use as a Christmas Tree, he had the boot of his car open ready to stash it inside!! No thanks, too much dust and grime from our road to want one of them inside

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