Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to you all!
Hope you had an enjoyable Christmas Day!
I got a new Camera for Christams, unfortunately in my usual fashion, I didn't read the instructions, so most of my Christmas Day photos turned out fuzzy....OK so I went back and read the instrustions and realized what I should have been doing!
Anyway here's a few
I thought Ellie was making a Truffles Centre Piece, turned out to be a Red Apple version, there it is above
I got to set the table, I wanted to keep it simple....of course in line with the colours of Silver, Red and White choosen by the Christmas Co-Ordinator. I think the photos make my setting look a little boring, in real life it looked very Elegant
Present opening time, Ellie and her partner Clint
notice the Christmas Co-Ordinator's dress is Red and White with Silver Jewelry

Todd (son) and his partner Mel and of course Guss making sure everything was in orderNow the fun time - playing with the presents, Ellie gave Todd a quirky laser shooting game - it was loads of fun!!! I think Tony has his tribute to "Queen" dvd playing on the TV (pressy from me)

One of Ellie's presents was Hair Extensions, naturally she put them in straight away for a demo

Here we are below ready to EAT!! and that is what we did....until we nearly exploded!!
Rare photo of me left hand bottom

Below is Tony know when everyone's gone home and you flop

We had a Wonderful Christmas Day, I hope yours was as enjoyable!!!
Thanks for visiting
Gail xo

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