Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Bird Theme

Update to this Post

Our Birthday Brekky was at The Bridge Hotel in Mordialloc

The deck looks down on Mordialloc Creek, you can walk for miles along the boardwalk and jetties, love going there.
Click on the photo for details

I've just realised this is my first post for 2009!

Have you noticed the Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns are already up for sale in the Shops - WOW!! Give us a break for a few weeks, let us catch our breath please.

Anyway I've been working on a few Original Paintings over the past few weeks, there's a little birdie theme thing stuck in my mind for some reason, most times when I start a painting I don't plan on a certain theme, just get my canvas or whatever ready and hopefully some sort of idea comes to me, I find if I plan and sketch etc. it doesn't work for me, everyone to their own methods that's for sure....whatever works for you!

The painting above is so very simple, I loved the way it turned out, my frame was quite large, I didn't have the time to spend painting a detailed still life, backgrounds seem to take ages ...I painted my backboard and frame all an Antique White, the birds and roses are a wonderful feature I think

Along the same plan comes my Vintage Tray, although originally the tray was cream, I had to repaint it, trust me I did, it was a bit Yuck, definetly needed a few fresh coats of paint.

I love the way it's turned out. This one I've just put up for sale on my website. You can click on the photos for details

After the Christmas and New Year's celebrations comes Todd's (son) birthday, poor Todd fancy having your Birthday so close to Christmas. We went out for Brekky, mind you in the photo below Tony and Todd aren't smiling - it was lovely though - they really were happy, just me snapping at the wrong moment

From where we were eating looked down on a Creek, or an outlet that goes out to the Bay, I love the boats, so many interesting colours, lots of silvery weathered timber....I took loads of photos and plan to do a painting inspired by the wonderful colours and feel of the jetties & boats

I'm still getting used to my new Camera, I think my outdoor shots are OK, but taking photos of anything white is a challenge, I'm working on it!!

Thanks for coming over to visit


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